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Hello World

Fedivision 2024: Living The Dream!

Sknob? Bonk? Anagram!

New song! Entangled!

New song! Unreal!

New song! Driven By Desire!

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Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.
–Frank Zappa

Verdi is the Puccini of music.
–Igor Stravinsky

Méfions-nous de l'art : il n'est souvent que de la virtuosité.
–Erik Satie

Music makes you feel feelings, lyrics make you think thoughts, songs make you feel thoughts.
–Ben Levin, paraphrasing Yip Harburg

Most music and lyrics (cc-nc-sa) copyleft Vincent Knobil. Help yourself. Contact me for commercial use or custom-crafted music for your project.

Sauf mention contraire, paroles et musique (cc-nc-sa) copyleft Vincent Knobil. Servez-vous. Contactez-moi pour toute utilisation commerciale ou création sur-mesure.