1 mot, 1 chanson: Design Notes

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I wanted a grungy looking site for 1 mot, 1 chanson. With textures, and torn paper edges, and dirty scotch-tape, and ink blotches, and fingerprints, and coffee rings, and, well, you get the idea.

So I went scouring the WordPress web looking for inspiration, and ended up using Modicus by Upstart Blogger.

I couldn’t be any farther from grunginess.

Oh well, I seem to gravitate towards clean designs (see télétravail 2.0). I can’t help it.

While I love Modicus for it’s clean look and its use of empty space and its original layout, it had a near-fatal flaw. Links had at least three different stylings.

After many unsuccessful attempts at harmonizing the links without destroying the design, I decided to simply underline them, to make it clearer what is clickable or not.


And I tweaked the design in many other small ways, while translating it into French.

And then, there’s the little Flash music player I custom designed for the site.

What can I say. I LOVE my new Flash player. The silly but subtle and cool 3D effect when you click on the button, the way the two gauges fill up the whole player, sweeping from left to right, while the text sweeps from right to left, ducking under the button. It absolutely DELIGHTS me.

Even if the site goes nowhere, I’ll always have the player…

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