CE Insanity, continued

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So, how does the new HDTV stack up you may wonder, if you somehow made it through this recent post?

Well, it’s pretty great, even though I’m still mourning the loss of my 16+ year-old Sony 20″ CRT TV…

I still haven’t connected anything via HDMI to the new set, but standard (wide-screen) TV, PPV, DVD and downloaded content looks mighty nice.

(And to follow-up on the previous post, the new cable box works fine, and the TV fits nicely in the existing shelves)…


I have this paranoid notion that I am cursed.

Because I often seem to to receive defective electronics (remember my iMac and MacBook sagas).

Or because I’m an obsessive-compulsive nitpicker.

Or both.

Because the TV has a slight flaw. There’s a small light spot, like a leaky backlight coming out of the bezel. It’s invisible when the picture fills the screen, but noticeable when watching anything letterboxed.

(I tried to capture the phenomenon with my iPhone; it’s definitely more noticeable IRL…)

Objectively, it’s no big deal. But it’s been bugging the hell out of me anyway.

So yesterday, I caved into my neurosis and called the outfit I bought the TV from, and they instantly and cheerfully offered to send someone around to take a look.

They’ll be showing up tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted.


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