Geeks In Love: Redecorating

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When I designed the Geeks In Love site, I originally chose to go with a cold, techy design (a variation on the standard WordPress « Kubrick » design, appropriately enough), because I thought the contrast with the sloppy brushwork might be amusing.

But it didn’t take very long for me to become unhappy with it.

It did take me a long time however (about 90 episodes!) to do something about it.

Yesterday afternoon, around five-ish, I stumbled on a site that I liked, which suddenly inspired me to overhaul the Geeks In Love site.

So I entered the bubble.

By midnight, I had:

  1. finalized the design in Fireworks
  2. coded it in HTML+CSS, and
  3. transposed that code into my WordPress theme

Then this morning, I fired up the dreaded and hated Internet Explorer on the PC, and as usual, spent as much time ironing out the bugs as I did designing and recoding the entire site! (For you non-geeks out there, Internet Explorer doesn’t follow Internet standards the way other browsers do).

I went ahead and deployed the new design, even though I have 2 major unfixed bugs in IE, one that isn’t so visible (but it is to me!) and another glaring one.

I may or may not try to fix them again (trust me, I spent a lot of time trying already). If you’re using IE, you’re not a very discriminating user anyway, so there’s only so much I’m willing to do for you… Sorry.

So all in all, I say not so bad for less than 24 hours worth of work, including 6 hours of sleep.

The Geekette likes it too, but she’s not the most objective critic.

So please, let me know what you think!

(If you want to compare, you can click on the image above for a reminder of what once was).

2 commentaires

  1. j aime beaucoup le nouvel habillage du site: c’est vrai que l’autre était un peu glauque / simpliste, l’apparence extérieure n’était pas aussi travaillée que le contenu, si exquis. C’est maintenant que « a change has come » que je m’en rends compte, et le nouvel habillage me plaît beaucoup.

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