Penelope Petticue

When the shit hits the fan, celebrate life and love by writing a smutty little pop song such as Penelope Petticue.

Le chant du crabe

Listen to the demos of the music I was commissioned to write for Le chant du crabe, an upcoming play by Compagnie nonante-trois, my brother’s theater company in Lausanne, Switzerland. Suis-moi is to be sung by a siren (presumably by a female actress). Un manteau is a proof of concept for an operatic version of…

Fragile Bloom

The exciting sequel to Dead & Buried has landed. With Fragile Bloom, Remote Possibility delicately reveals further poignant and moving details about its uneasy relationship with Rock Stardom.

Smooth Groove

Barely a week after completing Au doigt et à l’œil, I woke up with a new musical bee in my bonnet. I started working on Smooth Groove early yesterday morning and finished late this morning. Here’s the official blurb on Smooth Groove : To whip up Smooth Groove, begin with a dash of cymbal, add…

Au doigt et à l'œil

A sad, sad song. I hoped I would never have to write Au doigt et à l’œil, but several recent unexpected personal clashes forced my hand. And while I was recording it, the subject of the song became a hot topic in local news.


Président is the latest opus by my son Nico, 16. He wrote the music and lyrics. I merely recorded the instrumental tracks, following his strict instructions, and mixed his vocals in. You can listen to it on 1 mot, 1 chanson. So why are you still reading this?

Remote Possibility | Dead & Buried

Remote Possibility re-returns! Remote Possibility’s latest heavenly opus, Dead & Buried, is sure to haunt you till the end of time, or at the very least until some other catchy tune takes over your poor, defenseless brain. Proceed with caution.

Remote Possibility | Second Honeymoon

Remote Possibility returns! Second Honeymoon was written for NPR’s Record A Song This Weekend! challenge. To further complicate matters, the songs had to contain one of the following words : dog, firecracker, lampshade, Japan or NPR. Undaunted, Icepac (in Alberta, Canada) wrote all 6 words into his lyrics. He then sent the words to Sknoblogger…