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As I wrote last week, Le Monde 2 published a special Internet issue in which the fabulous cover story by Claire Ulrich happened to mention Pamela and me.

And of course, I drew a Geeks In Love episode about being mentioned in Le Monde.

Then, Claire called me last week to say Le Monde 2 wanted to publish that Geeks In Love episode. So I emailed a high-res version to a nice lady at Le Monde, and sure enough, they published it, as a « letter to the editor » about the original article (so of course, this week’s Geeks In Love episode is about that).

Pretty damn cool!

My mother has been waiting 44 years for this moment to arrive.

She’s had to endure my CD-ROM publications, my incomprehensible music, and various Internet endeavors like the Geeks (which are cool, but are self-published, which makes them less brag-worthy).

But this is different. This is Le fucking Monde! Major bragging material!

She made me promise to say that she’s very proud. That’s the understatement of the year. As I write these lines, she’s contacting every person she knows on the planet to let them know, and when she runs out, she’ll probably start hitting the white pages, or the Who’s Who.

So I’m really happy for her. This one’s for you, Mom.

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